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The family name is derived from the Old High German word combination 'Wer(i)nheri' and means 'able fighter'.
Today the spellings Wern, Wörn, Woern, Wöhrn, Woehrn are also normal within our defined family.


The earliest evidence of the family history as found in the records of Sulz on Neckar, Baden-Württemberg, Germany in the form of a tax letter dated 1437 and a fief letter dated 1448.


The family's original location can be assumed to have been Bettenhausen (a no longer existent group of farms 4.5 km south of Sulz on Neckar) before it was first documented in Sulz on Neckar.


The earliest known progenitor of the family is Jerg Wern(her) the Elder [1480] - [1545], who was first mentioned in the muster records of Sulz on Neckar dated 1536.


The chart shows the domiciles where the families lived, the period of time they stayed at those locations and the sequence of generations which ends at the base line with the 17 th generation. If a genealogical connection to one of those locations, periods and name bearers can be furnished, the chart can also be used as proof of legitimacy to bear the family coat of arms.


Deadlocks in Research after 1600:


Germany: Kirchheim u. T. 1611, Geradstetten 1686, Schorndorf 1707, Ludwigsburg 1753/1761, Beihingen 1763/1773, Bayreuth 1796, Hanau/Frankfurt a.M. 1833/1855, Berlin-Kreuzberg 1956.


USA: Philadelphia 1754, USA 1762, 1820, 1854/1870, Boston 1865, Philadelphia 1874, Cincinnati 1877, USA 1881.


Russia: Moskow 1765


Austria: Vienna 1805


Definition of the family. Although other families exist with the same family name including all above spelling variations, there is no genealogical proof that our family is related to the following families bearing the name.

Germany: Werner from Balingen, Wörn from Weil im Schönbuch, Wörn from Schönaich (Grimma, Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg), Wörn from Pflugfelden (Ludwigsburg), Wörn from Ravensburg, Wörn from Frankfurt (Milano/Italy), Wöhrn from Berlin/Hamburg, Wöhrn from Linden near Nürnberg (Darmstadt).

USA: Woern (Ohio/USA), Wern (Long Island/USA).

Information about the above families is available in our archives.


- Volker Wörn, 'Die Stammväter der Schwetzinger Wörn', Munich/1975 (out of print), reprint 1997 (out of print)
- Volker Wörn, 'Familienchronik Wörn - Woern - Wern' (25 pages text, photos, charts), Ketsch/1997


The Wörn Family Association (inc.) thanks you very much for your interest !