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General Information


The purpose of the family association is the preservation of knowledge about the history of all branches of the "Wörn" family and the promotion of research into its ancestors, descendants as well as its genealogy and heraldry.
The family association bears the shield of the coat of arms registered by the German Heralds Committee under serial number 7038/76 in the German Coats of Arms Register in Berlin and is, therefore, legally protected by law as trademark.



The executive elements of the family association are the Family Assembly (general meeting of the members), the Family Council and the Board of Management.
Today there are 14 extant family branches, including their sub-branches, spread over 4 countries on 3 continents, namely, in Europe (9 in Germany with descendants in the United Kingdom), in South America (1 in Argentina) and in the United States of America (1 in Michigan with a sub-branch in Alaska).


Association  members as of  May 2004:  132


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