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Germany, Schwetzingen (Frankeneck),  21st  April 2001
German Family Assembly Meeting with
- elections for the family council, the  executive board and of the book auditors

Members of the new Family Council

f. l. t. r. sitting  Hermann Wörn / Schwetzingen, Karl Wöhrn / Wildau-Berlin, 
Volker Wörn / Ketsch, Günther Wöhrn / Freiburg
standing  Rainer Wörn / Villingen, Bertha Schulz / Bremerhaven, Thea Wörn /
Ketsch, Günter Wörn / Möglingen, Peter J. Wöhrn / Stuttgart, Friedrich III 
Wörn / Schwetzingen, Ernst Wörn / Schwetzingen, Samuel Wörn /
Schwetzingen, Kurt Wöhrn / Hochdonn (Dithmarschen), Hermann G. Wörn / 
Christiane Wörn / Schwetzingen  was elected book auditor. Second book 
auditor  Gerhard Grützmacher / Wuppertal.

The new Executive Board

f. l. t. r. Rainer Wörn / Villingen (secretary), Volker Wörn / Ketsch 
(chairman), Peter J. Wöhrn / Stuttgart (deputy chairman), 
Samuel Wörn / Schwetzingen (treasurer)


The Constituent Meeting of the new Family Council was held on the same
day / place and dealt with two topics:
- discussion of initial plans for the program of the Worldwide Family 
  Reunion of the Wöhrn / Wörn / Woern / Wern on 27 / 28 July 2002
  in Schwetzingen / Germany
- awarding Hertha R. Wörn / Schwetzingen the Honorary Membership
  of the German family association

Honorary member  Hertha R. Wörn

Accompanying Program

Initial meeting in the 'Ritter' - Brewery Visit to the Castle - Museum
(20.04.01) (21.04.01)

Walk through the Castle - Garden Guided tour through the
(21.04.01) Karl-Wörn-House, town museum


Farewell meeting in the

Family Archives

'Weißen Rössl'